The Church in the City leadership wishes to publicly acknowledge the recent downturn in attendance. It has been the main topic of our last few LT meetings. We realize that there are a variety of reasons for this change. In CITC’s almost 30 year history, there have been many changes in the number of regular attendees. Some seasons in our past the sanctuary has been packed and other seasons it is more empty.

First and foremost, we want to remind everyone that the number of people who attend on Sunday is no indication of how healthy the church is. God is present when just two of us gather together and some of the most powerful moves of the Holy Spirit have happened with just a few people show up.

However, while we know that Christ is moving and working through us while our attendance is low, we do want to hear from the congregation and address any issues that those in attendance might perceive to be a problem. The leadership’s role is one of guidance, service, and empowerment. If we are not serving the needs of the congregation, we want to know that. If there are places that we should be guiding in a stronger way, we want to know that. But most importantly, we want to empower you to make this congregation what it should be. The Lord works through every person present. Perhaps there is something you have noticed needs improving. Please thoughtfully consider if He is calling you to do something about it.

In our effort to always be led by God’s guidance, we would like to ask for your feedback on the different areas of our church body. Please answer the following questions. You do not have to fill out each section. However, if you identify an issue with one subject, we ask that you fill out all 4 questions under that topic. For instance, if you have a concern about the way that the office communicates, we ask that you help us to find solutions and consider being willing to help instigate those changes. We also ask that you find something positive about that subject because, as we know, there is always something to be grateful for and being positive goes a long way in making meaningful changes.


2017 CITC Survey

  • Worship

    Music, words of knowledge, and other moments of worship on Sunday morning
  • Sermon

    Pastor Dave and guest speakers
  • Fellowship

    Meet and Greet, Hospitality, etc
  • Children and Youth Ministry

    Nursery, Preschool, Kidz Church and Youth Group
  • Outreach

    Bike Race, Spa Day, etc
  • Discipleship

    Community Groups and special events
  • Shepherding

    Personal encouragement by leadership, benevolence needs, transportation and other care needs
  • Virtual connection

    Facebook page, Facebook group, Facebook LIVE feed, virtual prayer
  • Office Communication

    Newsletter, bulletin, emails, bulletin boards , announcements
  • Building

    Physical building use, condition, and situation
  • Other