Thank you to everyone that made this year’s VBS an amazing success. The kids had a blast and learned more about God. Many committed to following him! It could not be done without the help of all the adult and teen volunteers. You are truly a blessing to our church community. Special thanks to our Children’s Pastor: Pastor Heather for her outstanding work this past week.

This is a note for all the volunteers from Pastor Heather

Thank you so much for another wonderful year of VBS. We are blessed that you love the children here at CITC and answered His call to minister to them. I know many lives were touched. Just because you decided the children were important.

The kids had a great week as they learned how they are all here for a purpose. I loved seeing your hearts shine with the children. I LOVED listening to my children talk about the adults. You see, kids have fun with their friends but it is the leaders and guides and helpers who they are REALLY watching. If we love them as Jesus does, they will feel God’s love surrounding them. If we show we are having fun, they will too! If we praise and worship Jesus, they will. THEY are our future church and it is our job to begin preparing them.

I will leave you with a few comments I heard from the kids during the week….

(name of guide) is nice. ”Mom, I made a new friend this week at VBS and it was an adult!” “Mom, (leaders name) really knows how to hold in their anger. Our group was really being “bad” and I could see the leader was upset but they held it in.” (Name) is so cool. She is so much fun.” “Wow, they must have worked a lot to get that done.” “I always liked your VBS the best. You’re a fun church.” These were comments made by KIDS!! I’m sure there were many more made. So thank you for any and all work you gave to reach not only these kids but their families too.

All work is appreciated. Those who helped set up the awesome stage….those who helped get inventions ready…those who gave financially…those who gave up family time….those who watched our little ones so we could focus on the lessons…those who taught…those who helped teach…those who guided…those who provided transportation for not only their own kids but others as well…any part you gave touched many lives. Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication. You are LOVED AND APPRECIATED!! GOD BLESS YOU!

Heather Lopez

Minister to Children