Vision – To provide an opportunity for every person attending CITC to experience a holistic church community experience.

Description – Community Groups at Church in the City exist to ensure that people are spiritually and personally supported in more ways that can be achieved on Sunday Morning Worship Service alone.

Skills Volunteers Use

  • Personal and growing commitment to Jesus
  • Self-starting, team-oriented, organized and good communication skills
  • Ability to develop and encourage people.
  • Some ability to teach
  • Passion to see other Christians grow in their faith.
  • Ability to recruit, delegate and release other leaders and volunteers to share in the work of this ministry.
  • Ability to listen and discover the spiritual needs of members of the church.


  • Train others in your group to someday lead a Community Group
  • Attend planned seminars and workshops that train you to be better Community Group leaders.
  • Prepare questions for discussion for each time you meet as a group
  • Encourage your group to participate in outreach and service projects together and pray for the missionaries CITC supports.
  • Provide a clean and inviting place for the group to meet
  • Encourages your group to meet the needs of all within the group