VISION – To help people identify and experience the perfect form of love which is God’s love by helping them overcome disappointment in their lives caused by lies they thought were truth.

DESCRIPTION – The Counseling Ministry exists to ensure that all people who feel far away from the Father’s love can learn how to regain that closeness with Him by debonding from whatever lie is holding them back.


  • to know the scriptures and how to apply them to real life situations
  • to help others apply the Scriptures to their own real life situations
  • to listen carefully and discover the spiritual needs of others
  • to have a passion to see other Christians become whole and grow in faith in God’s love
  • to use personal painful life experiences as an example to prove that God’s love is the answer
  • to identify the lies people have believed to be true
  • to direct people’s thoughts to God


  • to provide a private, peaceful place to meet
  • to give loving counsel
  • to put people at ease
  • to keep shared information confidential
  • to follow up with people as needed.