VISION – To serve and direct the members of CITC to complete its vision – to create a vibrant community that invites people to passionately follow Christ.

DESCRIPTION – The Leadership Team consists of the Deacon Board and the Elder Board. Both teams work together to direct, advise and guide both the ministries of the church and its leaders. The teams meet individually and together when needed (at least monthly). Each board, the Deacons and the Elders, have a specific use and purpose within the body. Every LT member is a liaison to at least one of CITC’s ministries.


  • Has a personal and vibrant relationship with Jesus
  • Possesses strong organizational skills
  • Sincere desire to serve others working in the ministries of the church
  • Ability to encourage and hold people accountable
  • Ability to recruit, delegate and release other leaders and volunteers to share in the work of this ministry


  • Models Christianity for the rest of the congregation in your
    • Attendance to Sunday Services and Community Group participation
    • Outreach to the city of Milwaukee and the world and evangelize to those in your sphere of influence
    • Spiritual and personal growth
    • Practicing of spiritual disciplines like prayer and scripture reading
  • Attend scheduled LT meetings
  • Serve in 2-4 of the following ministries – Count, Altar Prayer, Pastoral Prayer and First Impressions
  • Be a Liaison to 1-4 ministries.  You are the voice of that ministry into the Leadership Team. You supervise the ministry, care for the ministry leader personally and spiritually, then report monthly to the LT.  You do this by:
    • Showing appreciation for their service
    • Asking how you can help them to serve the ministry
    • Making sure the vision of the ministry ties in with the vision of the entire church
    • Passing along valuable resources relating to leadership
    • Making sure they are finding volunteers and looking for potential leaders
    • Making sure they are achieving deadlines for schedules and budget and helping if they need it
    • Asking them in-depth questions about their personal and spiritual life
    • Encouraging them to continue to be a part of a community group
    • Praying for them and with them