VISION – To promote vibrant prayer as foundational to the Christian walk of each CITC participant.

DESCRIPTION – With a spirit of humility and repentance, to intercede for the needs and concerns of people within the congregation, for the work of the church around the world, as well as for individuals who have yet to respond to the message of the Gospel and begin a personal relationship with Christ. Altar Prayer is available every Sunday on the sides of the sanctuary. Prayer Chain can be reached by putting a request in the offering plate or sending an email to the Prayer Chain Director. 


  • Possess a healthy and vibrant relationship with God
  • Have a passion for prayer and a firm belief that God answers prayers
  • Be a student of Scripture, particularly passages that help Christians understand the value and importance of prayer
  • Ability to listen to and discover the prayer needs and concerns of members of the church
  • Maintain confidentiality of all prayer requests and people involved


  • Be available at the side of the sanctuary on the Sunday you are scheduled for Altar Prayer
  • Pray personally for those that come to you
  • Write notes or make personal contact, when appropriate, to offer words of encouragement, comfort, and support to individuals with prayer needs and concerns
  • Pray regularly for the staff and leaders of the church