VISION – To teach the basic Bible stories which will provide a foundation so children can build upon the Bible and their relationship with Christ as they grow older. 

DESCRIPTION – The Preschool ministry aims to provide a safe, warm and inviting place for the children ages 3-5 to go during Sunday Worship Service. We also want to teach these children the basics of who Jesus Christ is, what He has done for us and some of the basic Bible stories. The Preschool Ministry is opens during Meet and Greet (about 10:15) and is open until the service is over (about 12PM)


  • A vibrant and growing personal commitment to Jesus.
  • Good skills in teaching and organization
  • A heart and passion for children, demonstrating patience in dealing with them and a burning desire to share the life of Jesus with them
  • Complies with a background check.


  • Plan and prepare curriculum for yourself
  • Arrive early the Sunday you are serving to prepare the classroom, the lesson and snacks
  • Warmly welcome children and help their parents sign them in, explaining procedures to new parents.
  • Use the provided schedule as a guide during the class.
  • Clean up room at the end of your day so that it can be used next time.

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