VISION – Provide knowledgeable and exceptional sound service to the congregation on Sunday morning and at special events held at the church.

DESCRIPTION – The sound ministry uses the sound equipment to allow the congregation to hear clearly the worship leaders, speakers and other media used in the Sunday Morning Worship Service and other events where sound is needed.


  • Is able to work well with the Worship Team, Multimedia and Service Design.
  • Is consistently prepared and on time for areas of responsibility.
  • Demonstrates expertise and professionalism in the technical arts and possesses creative skills.
  • Has musical knowledge and ear to hear the slight nuances of the worship team.
  • Has understanding of signal flow and basic sound reinforcement setup.
  • Ability to setup, run, and troubleshoot a portable sound system.


  • Turn on and run sound equipment, including mixer, microphones, monitors, tape player, etc.
  • Before and during worship services. The levels of the individual microphones would need to be attentively listened to and adjusted as needed.
  • Record sermon portion of the service and duplicate to CDs for the congregation

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