VISION – To make every attendee feel loved and cared for. If there is a need and it can be filled, TLC Ministry wants to help.

DESCRIPTION – To provide an avenue for those in need to get food, clothing, items for personal hygiene, blankets, and coats. The ministry will also send cards to keep in touch with members during difficult times in life, e.g., hospital stays, death in the family or new child in the home. To be available for pet sitting and laundry for when a member is hospitalized and family cannot provide help or pretty much any tangible way a person or family might need help.


  • A sincere desire to help fill needs in tangible ways
  • Ability to connect with people that might be able to have resources for those who have needs
  • Good phone/email coordination skills to ask people of the church for items when needed


  • Treat every need confidential and everyone’s personal information, personal.  If the need has been a private request, it must stay private.
  • Coordinate with the Leadership Team and other congregation members to meet needs that are brought to the team.