VISION – To ensure every visitor is able to connect with at least one individual in order to answer questions about the church.

DESCRIPTION – The Welcome Corner ministry was started to provide first time visitors a place to connect with an attendee of Church in the City. By doing so, the visitor can receive additional information about ministries and church activities. They also have a person to ask their personal question regarding the church atmosphere and beliefs.


  • Good “people” skills, outgoing, easy to approach and willing to help out.
  • A basic knowledge of the church building and understanding of Sunday morning ministries.
  • Knowledge of service opportunities and community groups in the church.


  • Individuals who agree to serve in the Welcome Corner are scheduled at least 1 Sunday a month.
  • On their scheduled Sunday, they retire to the Welcome Corner table in the lobby as soon as service is over or 5 minutes before it is over.
  • Volunteers will sit behind or near this table and talk to visitors as they come, answering questions, giving a “welcome” gift and getting to know the visitor a little bit.

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