Coronavirus Updates

Service Update (3/27/2020)

We are currently NOT conducting in-person services, small groups or meetings in our church building or at members’ homes while following the State of Wisconsin’s Safer At Home Order.

We ARE conducting ONLINE/VIRTUAL services, small groups and meetings. See the links at the top of our Home Page to access these online or email the church office at

Our building is closed, but our hearts are open… to God and each other.

For more information, see the Coronavirus Updates page.

Service Update (3/18/2020)

Because we, as a body, want to support initiatives advocated by our national and local leadership, Church In The City will move to ONLINE ONLY services and meetings beginning this Sunday, March 22.

We want to emphasize this is not a fear-based response: we strongly believe that our God is greater than any virus, or anything else.  He will keep us safe.

We believe that what the enemy has meant for evil, God will turn to good.  But at this time, following the recommendations and mandates (e.g., no more than 10 people gathering in person) is the right thing to do.

Continue to check our Facebook page, Church In The City Milwaukee, for videos from Pastor Dave of spiritual encouragement (also posted to our Food For the Soul with Pastor Dave page). We will continue to post sermons and announcements to our website,

And remember to continue to live in His joy and blessing!!

Worship Service Update (3/12/2020)

We, at Church In The City, are closely monitoring all news associated with the Coronavirus.  Our priorities include both the physical and spiritual health of our church body.  At this time, we believe continuing to hold worship services is the best course of action.  Things to be aware of:

  1. Service will be held as usual this Sunday, March 15.  Please plan to join us if possible.  
  2. We are hiring additional janitorial staff to do cleaning and sanitizing above and beyond our usual weekly cleaning procedures.
  3. If you feel ill in any way or have had contact with anyone who has symptoms of Coronavirus, we encourage you to remain at home.
  4. For those unable to attend, our services will be available via livestream on our Facebook page Church In The City Milwaukee.  
  5. God is our fortress and our strength – a very present help in trouble.

These are troubling times indeed, but He is greater!

Pastor Dave Duncan
Senior Pastor

Children’s Ministry Update (3/12/2020)

Hello families with children in Kids Ministries:

We are continuing to stay updated on the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The children’s health and safety is a concern at Church In The City.  We want to see the children grow in God and in who they are in Him.  We will continue to watch and pray.  God has not given us a spirit of fear, and we know our safety is in Him.

At this time, we will continue to have Sunday morning kids church, nursery and preschool. We will be taking extra cleaning precautions before and after service.

Our policy is going to be a bit more strict at this time:

  • If your child is showing any signs of sickness (cough, cold with runny nose, sore throat, or fever) or any of these WITHOUT a fever, we are asking that you please keep him/her home
  • If you have traveled internationally, we ask you wait at least 14 days before sending your child

We love your kids and pray in Him, “this too shall pass quickly.”

Pastor Heather Lopez
Children’s Pastor

Opportunities to Serve

We currently have the following ministries with opportunities for you to serve:

  • Multimedia
  • Welcome Corner
  • Building Security

This is a once per month commitment to serve in our body. We are looking for people to do other special projects like painting, cleaning, hand shelving, shampooing carpets, etc. If any of these areas interest you, please contact the church office at 414-961-1122 or

Spotlight Ministry: The TLC Ministry

The TLC ministry, which stands for Tender Loving Care, is a great way for people who are in need of assistance to find the help they need.  If you are having a difficult time and are in need of some assistance, please feel free to contact CITC at or 414-961-1122.  We will do our best to connect you with someone who can help.

If you have something to offer the congregation and want to do so so in a simple and potentially anonymous way, you can also reach out to this ministry, and someone will work to find your offering makes it to someone in need.

Spotlight Ministry: Kidz Church

Kidz church here at Church In The City is currently offered to children from grades K5 through 6th grade. The 5th and 6th graders learn with the younger children but are also used to help Pastor Heather during the service. Kidz church is not Sunday school. It is Church for kids.

We begin our service with prayer. Sometimes children name requests out loud. Other times they just raise their hand for prayer. Sometimes children lead in prayer and other times Pastor Heather leads in prayer. Sometimes children lay hands on others and sometimes we pray alone in our seats. Prayer time is where the children can make known requests that are dear to their hearts and pray for others. No one is forced to pray out loud but the children are encouraged if they would like to do so.

We also have a meet and greet time with the children and usually have them do something fun with it. They may have to find a friend and answer a silly question or find someone with a specific thing in common.

We also have a short praise and worship time. This can be anywhere from 1 to 3 songs where the children express their hearts to God through music and movement. We usually pick two children who would like to lead.

We also play one game each week to keep the children moving and to help engage children with all learning types. Each week the game has something to do with the lesson. We have also been having character skits each week. We have a guest that comes in for the children named Bobby Rockit who starts out confused in each skit but helping him learn ties into what our lesson is about so we can help others that might also have questions.

Our lesson is an illustrated sermon. We use power points for the kids to visually see so that they can follow along more easily. Pastor Heather often uses some kind of a prop to help teach the kids and to keep their interest alive. We learn Bible lessons to help teach our points and how to carry them with us in our daily lives. We also learn scripture verses each week that help guides us with those lessons.

Pastor Heather knows the children at CITC and loves each one of them! She loves seeing them each week and loves hearing the questions they have as well as hearing how they have lived out what they have learned in Kidz Church in their lives. No one is perfect. Not one. But with God’s help, we can do what is right! Anytime we have visitors or children who have not committed their lives to God, Pastor Heather gives them that chance by offering to pray with them if they would like to give their lives to Christ!

Spotlight Ministry: Intercessory Prayer

Prayer for the Christian believer is one of the most exciting and dynamic of all of the spiritual principles and disciplines.  At its foundation, prayer is simply talking and listening to God.  This is one of the primary ways to build a strong relationship with the Lord.

That alone is exciting enough to make everyone want to pray and spend more time with the Lord.  However, prayer can also be expressed in many different ways.  For example, as a believer in the Lord, there are times of private prayer and times of public prayer.  There are times of praise and thanksgiving.  Some in the Body of Christ are gifted in praying in tongues, while others are used in prophesying or bringing forth an encouraging word to the body.  Still others may be gifted in intercessory prayer.  Whatever form prayer may take for the believer, the ultimate goal is that God is glorified and the saints of God, which are the Body of Christ, are edified and built up in their most holy faith.

Here at Church In The City, we have many opportunities for believers to share in this wonderful, sacred mystery that God calls prayer, where ‘deep calls unto deep’.  One of the expressions of prayer that takes place at CITC is having a time of prayer and encouragement for anyone who desires a special touch of God’s grace after the regular Sunday morning services. This will take place in the Church’s library after service at about 12N-12:30PM.

Ministry Spotlight: Prayer Chain

  • Are you in need of prayer support for something you or someone you know is going through?
  • Do you have someone that you have been praying would come to know Jesus more?
  • Are you a prayer warrior and want to be able to support the Church in the City community through this gift?

Then we encourage you to use the CITC email Pray Chain. You can let us know about your need by dropping a Welcome Card or a note in the offering plate on Sunday morning during service or emailing our Prayer Chain Leader Marlene Garacci. She will then take your prayer and email it to the list of volunteers in our church who are committed to lifting up the needs of the body to Christ.

If you are interested in learning more about being on this list, please contact the church office at Our Prayer Chain volunteers are all committed to not only praying for the needs of the CITC family but keeping those needs confidential.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4 6-7