This counseling ministry is about Truth. What does this mean? Let’s go way back to Heaven when Satan, also called Lucifer, was the brightest and most beautiful angel God had created. He was called the Morning Star. He defiled God and tried to usurp his authority over God. But God, in His purity, cast out Lucifer and 1/3 of his followers to earth so that Heaven would remain pure.

Now God was Truth, and He created a beautiful place called Eden by the truth of His word. He gave the Garden of Eden to Adam and Eve and He said they could have everything in the Garden except for one tree. These were God’s words.

Satan knew the only way to defy God was to speak lies with his words. He’s even called the Father of Lies! So he roamed the earth and the Garden of Eden where there was only love, peace and joy. He planned to defile the Garden as he had tried to defile the Kingdom of Heaven. The only way to do that was to speak lies…so he tempted the woman by saying it was OK to eat from that tree and everything would be all right.

Eve believed his lie, ate the fruit and gave it to her husband. We see here that Satan uses even the people closest to us to bring lies into our lives! We may be living a lie that we don’t even realize is a lie, and we think it’s OK — just like Eve did.

The fruit of our lives shows that we believe in either a lie or in Truth. When we see the lies for what they are and we see Truth for what it is, our life has to change. And it will change! That’s when we become born again.

When we see Truth more clearly, we’ll see God for Who He is and how He fathers us, and we’ll fall in love with Him, which leads us to the first Great Commandment.“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.”

And then, as a child of the living God, you will be able to fulfill the second Great Commandment. “And love your neighbor as yourself.”

We can follow these two great commandments best when we learn to detach ourselves from the lies Satan has us believing and open our hearts to the Truth of each situation we’re in.

While we’re dying to self with our pride, stubbornness, and traditions, we’re receiving the love of the Father with healing, freedom from sin and reconciliation with all people, including our enemies.

Frank’s counseling ministry is based on these principles. If you’re interested in talking with him, contact Church in the City for more information.