Spotlight Ministry: Intercessory Prayer

Prayer for the Christian believer is one of the most exciting and dynamic of all of the spiritual principles and disciplines.  At its foundation, prayer is simply talking and listening to God.  This is one of the primary ways to build a strong relationship with the Lord.

That alone is exciting enough to make everyone want to pray and spend more time with the Lord.  However, prayer can also be expressed in many different ways.  For example, as a believer in the Lord, there are times of private prayer and times of public prayer.  There are times of praise and thanksgiving.  Some in the Body of Christ are gifted in praying in tongues, while others are used in prophesying or bringing forth an encouraging word to the body.  Still others may be gifted in intercessory prayer.  Whatever form prayer may take for the believer, the ultimate goal is that God is glorified and the saints of God, which are the Body of Christ, are edified and built up in their most holy faith.

Here at Church In The City, we have many opportunities for believers to share in this wonderful, sacred mystery that God calls prayer, where ‘deep calls unto deep’.  One of the expressions of prayer that takes place at CITC is having a time of prayer and encouragement for anyone who desires a special touch of God’s grace after the regular Sunday morning services. This will take place in the Church’s library after service at about 12N-12:30PM.